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    No need for a seatbelt because there’s no gravity in this interstellar ride of sound in colours.

    Howdy Fuzzers, i’m back after a long break to recommend this new album from one of my favorite bands which I also reviewed back in 2017 when Stoned Gold was released.
    They come from Joshua Tree, California and explore the psychedelic realm of Space Rock & World Music.
    Their albums which is born from jamming always have different vibes and at one moment they rock intensely and the next drifting spaciously in a beautiful manner.
    Scott Heller from Øresund Space Collective is also adding some spacy synths here and that alone is worth a listen.

    Time to turn on, tune in and drop out!

    How is the sound?

    Before 3rd Ear Experience takes us on a trip they will get us in a good mood with A Beautiful Question.
    It begins as a calm ambient piece that builds with every minute, Robb joins in early with his familiar way of guitar playing alongside some synths and organ and when the percussions join it definitely feels like we’re taking off!

    On the next track, Ted Quinn adds some smooth vocals which remind me of the song Tools from their album Incredible Good Fortune which in my opinion is a masterpiece.
    It begins with a sweet vibe and then What Are Their Names turns into a space rock journey of intensity.
    The sound is dynamic and you can hear every instrument perfectly and this is how you lay a foundation for a perfect psychedelic/space rock jam.
    Cosmos Glazed Elephant is a sweet & short break full of ambiance & spacy synths which paints a picture of another world before it’s time for the next big jam.

    On Weep No More, My Friend a wind instrument reminds me of Scottish bagpipes but it might as well be some kind of didgeridoo since that’s the only wind instrument mentioned at their Bandcamp.
    When it kicks in together with everyone else in the band it feels like an epic tale of old and some of the most bombast sounds made by 3rd Ear Experience.
    After it you still have 5 minutes of drifting space rock in the vein of the mighty Øresund Space Collective.

    Last out is the 2 parter Timelessness Speaks and here they go really trippy in part 1 with a drony piece with hints of raga but as you transition into part 2 you gonna experience the sweet flow of highest fortune which they are known and loved for.

    Why is this album worth listening to?

    • 3rd Ear Experience creates some of the best psychedelic space rock out there IMO!
    • It’s too early to tell but this might be their best one since Incredible Good Fortune!

    In what situation should you listen to this album?

    • Definitely an album for times when you just want some solitude with great music to drift away with.
    • On a sunny day in the grass with a beer or a winter day on the couch with some herb tea.

    Something particular to note?

    Danny Frankel who played the drums & percussion here had his first time with the band and Trevor Madison had also not played keys or in a rock band before but neither of that is noticeable at all.


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