A Fire Breathing Harlequin Pirouettes on the Streets of Tijuana in Selofan’s Enchanting video for “Nichts”

    Darkwave duo Selofan have pulled the veil on yet another captivating audio-visual phantasmagoria from their critically acclaimed 2020 album Partners in Hell, this time with the video for “Nichts”, which translated from the Teutonic tongue into English means No. The song is both sinister and cinematic with sighing keys, shuddering drum machines, and German lyrics sung with sorrowful conviction.

    Regarding the video, with one can’t help but imagine the mad carnival daydreams of Jodorowsky’s Santa Sangre, the band explains:

    “Nichts means nada means nothing and we are not participating in this video. This is the story of Fauno Omar. He was at our concert in Tijuana, Mexico back in 2019. We only met a few minutes after our gig and then we received a picture of him dressed as a harlequin, a persona we always felt attracted to. This video is a strictly DIY visual project of authenticity and high-energy creativity, it is the first one Omar ever did totally on his own. He shot it in the streets and special places of the wonderful city of Tijuana, he created all make-up looks and costume designs, he managed to set up a fire performance inside a public bus, he danced in an abandoned pool in front of the goddess, he mirrored himself next to the steel-border-fence by the Pacific, dividing the U.S. from Mexico. Omar is still in Tijuana going through the difficult task of surviving as an artist divorced from the mainstream. The canary flew over to the U.S. during the shootings of this video and is now part of the American fauna.

    Thank you Omar for your faith, this video is dedicated to you and to everyone in search of the fulfillment of their dreams.
    Couldn’t have done it without our secret weapon Dimitris Chaz Lee, who edited it like all our previous works.”

    Watch the video for “Nichts” below:


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