ALBUM REVIEW: Lindsay Schoolcraft – Martyr

    Some good advice I received from my mentor in music criticism was to never underestimate or pigeonhole an artist. Cradle of Filth has made a twenty-five year career out of Black and Death Metal music supremacy, often covering the dark and all about that blasphemous life. Although she definitely has earned her place in that world as a member of that band, singer and multi-talented musician Lindsay Schoolcraft displays a wide array of gifts will not fit in a neat box for you to file and categorize. On her debut solo album Martyr (Self-Released), she satisfies her jones (and ours) for all types of Gothy Metal and Rock styles.

    Composed by Lindsay and her musical partner and hero Rocky Gray (ex- Evanescence), and the team of artists she assembled to help perform the songd,  Martyr encompasses genres ranging from Goth Rock, Symphonic influenced metal, Active Rock, hints of Black Metal and naturally,classic music. Flourishes of strings, piano, children’s choirs, what sounds like Gregorian chant, and Lindsay’s masterful use of Harp flesh out these tracks to epic proportions. Still, they all would easily work stripepd down and some of them do just that too. Just as the artist has a wide-ranging palette, you should strap in for a musical ride of varying flavors, peaks and valleys of emotions.

    The opening track ‘Saviour’  is an ear peeler, with religious overtones drawing emphasis from not only the churchy chords and soaring vocals, but the aforementioned eerie chanting. The track is a beast and is a song that could go far on rock radio, even with its edge.

    The songs seesaw between heavy songs like ‘Dangerous Game’ and ‘See the Light’, and more ambient fare such as ‘Stranger’ and Into The Night’. Sitting right in the wheelhouse that fans of Evanescence, Within Temptation, Nightwish, The Gathering, Ananthema, Delain, and Amaranthe, the song styles  have rage, but also have amazing lots of moody atmospherics, and adventurous melodic vocal lines. Lindsay never sounds reedy once, even when her voice dances at the very top of her range. L

    A definite highlight, ‘See The Light’, featuring Xenoyr of Ne Obliviscaris /Antiqua adds his brutal gutturals to the track and compliments the other vocals well. Orger top tracks include ‘Dawn’, ‘ ‘Where I Fall, and the lovely ballad ‘My Way Without You’. The album closes with a great cover of ‘Lullaby’ from. The Cure, which fits right in.

    Having spent years of her life to make this album in every spare second away from one of the busiest bands in the world, you can tell how much love went into making this dream a reality. We’re excited to see what comes next from the artist in the future.

    8 / 10



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