All Out War – Crawl Among The Filth

    Crossover genre bands are a dime a dozen within local scenes stretching from coast to coast, most sitting in their hometown playing the same oversaturated venues week after week to their relatives and possible friends. All Out War defies and stands apart from most in their collective. This Upstate New York touring road machine has seamlessly pumped out singles, EP’s and LP’s for over two decades. Today we get to embark on their latest effort Crawl Among The Filth (Unbeaten Records).

    In today’s world consisting of modern technology, and social media there is the main factor that generally helps any brand-building band, which is consistency. This efficient ten-track LP immediately punches the listener in the gut with their circle pit starter ‘Divine Isolation’, giving this aggressive shove that pounds the eardrums with Mike Score’s relentless vocals as we hear “Fade to Dust”. This album offers nothing less than blast beats, breakdowns, and heavy oriented riffage, there’s no bells, whistles, or bullshit. There’s also no filler instrumentals every beat, riff, and lyric has a rightful place, the majority of the songs are less than three minutes and one being shy of two. In no way was the implication of a song needing to be short to be impactful trying to be made, however, it definitely helps this album go from start to finish in a fueling fashion. As aforementioned this is an efficient collection of raging tracks accompanied with a few catchy round-ups like ‘Drink the Plague’ and ‘Gehenna Lights Eternal’. This is definitely a more straight forward raw sounding album, which everyone needs in their life once in a while. As most bands fear a more traditional sound, which results in a forceful, unforgiving sound of what they call originality, All Out War stands in the midst with their unyielding mentality of branding. One thing is for certain, they’re not going to stop until they pull the plug, which is no time in the foreseeable future.

    Needless to say, this punishing fist-raising LP gives hope to the metallic hardcore world. All Out War has reigned in this bloodstained pit in their branded style of crossover Metal and Hardcore, in support of their most recent release they’re set to embark a handful of North American dates with Eyehategod, In Cold Blood, Outer Heaven, Merauder and more.

    6 / 10




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