ANDRY LAGIOU And THE HARPS Featuring Members Of SYMPHONY X, ULI JOHN ROTH Take A Stand Against Sexism With An Empowering Heavy Metal Protest

    The Harps vocalist Andry Lagiou has become an ubiquitous presence in her home country of Greece – quickly rising as one of the most promising metal vocalists of her generation. The Harps could best be described as a hard rocking, riff filled exploration of the classic metal tapestry; not content to rest in exactly one segment of the genre. The group meshes influences from Lagious’ prodigious history as a vocalist (including stints as a classical singer and as a successful competitor on the Greek edition of The Voice) with the contributions of fellow luminaries: bassist Mike LePond (Symphony X), guitarist Stephen Platt (Collibus), keyboardist Corvin Bahn (Uli John Roth), producer Mike Exeter (Judas Priest, Dio, Black Sabbath) and live drummer Matt Thompson (King Diamond) to create something entirely new.

    Their latest single and video “Mistress Of The Night” shows the group at its fantastical best – taking the listener on a heavy metal voyage to a cinematic universe of their own creation. Lagiou proves her star power with a soaring vocal performance that meshes perfectly with the riff filled composition of the song. A breakneck tempo doesn’t hinder the band from performing as a tight unit; the intensity of the music only seems to push each of them to greater heights. An explosive guitar solo from Platt brings the tune to an apex that’s sure to please even the most cynical headbangers.

    “The Harps’ metal sound hearkens back to the days of Rainbow and Sabbath. Andry refuses to follow the trends of operatic female fronted bands. She delivers a powerful, in your face vocal that will ignite your senses,” says LePond.

    “This video is about standing for women and equality” explains Lagiou (who co-directed). “It’s against sexism and racism in job opportunities, personal relationships, etc… things that women experience everyday from men in their lives. This has been going on since the ancient and medieval times till present times and nothing has really changed… BUT the women WILL rise up, right now!”

    “I really enjoyed working on this track and also to be working with someone who has a great voice alongside such talented people. I like how this song stands up to certain issues such as sexism, especially because these issues are still present in the music industry,” adds Platt.

    Expect more from The Harps and Andry Lagiou throughout the winter, with forthcoming USA tour dates and festival appearances TBA. Further details can be found on Facebook.




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