Arima – Biluztasunez Jantzita [EP]

    Distortion was the trigger for the creation of Arima in 2018. A project that arises as a result of my musical and personal metamorphosis, with the aim of capturing my vital and emotional needs in a totally unique way. The Shoegaze is the common thread of some songs that take you from calm to catharsis and from destruction to tranquility in a few seconds. The themes are powerful and brittle at the same time. The lyrics are sprinkled with fears, vital and collective experiences, questions and answers. In 2019 we presented our first EP “Metamorphosis” in different parts of Euskal Herria. The recording was made in Bonberenea, where Karlos Osinaga, “Txap”, was at the controls of the ship. At the beginning of 2021, in the same way, we will publish 6 songs with the title “Biluztasunez Jantzita”. Arima we are Paule Bilbao, (guitar and voice) Josu González (bass) and Gontzal Bilbao (drums). Arima – Biluztasunez Jantzite [2021] 1 – Scars ~ 0:00 2 – Wandering ~ 3:12 3 – Victims of Thoughts (Featuring Sara Zozaya) ~ 7:19 4 – Utopia ~ 12:11 5 – Artificial Magnetism ~ 15:35 6 – Realistic Direction of Dreams ~ 18: 52 Arima Facebook

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