In Veil is a dance-oriented industrial metal project from Toronto, Ontario and was founded by Ady Cernea (my Frost, Dispersia) and Haysi Veil (The Voodoo Children) in the fall of 2019. By the end of 2019 the band would complete their line-up, recruiting bassist Christian Dotto (One In The Chamber) and drummer Kevin Mirtle (Red Kitty). In veil’s music can be described as energetic and upbeat with musical inspirations from Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Blondie, Gojira, Boney M and ABBA.

They have released a new single, “Lunatic”, featuring guest vocals by Astaroth Incarnate frontman Sam Astaroth. Check it out below.

 Check out the official In Veil Facebook page here.

Sam Astaroth recently checked in with the following update:

“So excited to share this X Japan cover!

I originally met Derryl at Banger Shredders of Metal 1 and have been friends since. He reached out to me to work on this cover a little while back alongside Brian from Nova Scotia, and Alessio and Dario from Italy covering this Japanese classic together! We did this purely out of love for one of my all time favorite classic metal bands of all time! X Japan also helped start the whole Visual Kei movement which I have been a huge fan of the genre forever now! I took the time to translate the song and mostly sing it in English and sing a few lines in Japanese. I also kinda had to learn to sing power metal!?”

Vocals – Sam Astaroth
Guitar 1 – Derryl Vi
Guitar2 – Brian Bower
Keys – Dario Trentini
Drums – Alessio Monacelli
Bass – Brian Bower

Weekend was written and originally recorded by X-Japan.