ASTAROTH INCARNATE Frontman Pays Tribute To Late Rapper DMX With Cover Of “Stop Being Greedy”

    Rap icon DMX – born Earl Simmons – passed away on April 9th, 2021 following a catastrophic cardiac arrest. Sam Astaroth, the Toronto-based frontman for Astaroth Incarnate, has paid tribute to him with a cover of the DMX hit, “Stop Being Greedy”. Check it out below.

    “Stop Being Greedy” is taken from the DMX debut album, It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot, released in May 1998.

    Sam: “DMX was one of my favorite artists growing up throughout my teen years. His vocals and lyrics were a huge influence on me towards developing my own harsh rap vocal style and eventually led me to doing extreme metal vocals. ‘Stop Being Greedy’ is one of my favorite songs by him and I was devastated by his unfortunate passing, so I wanted to cover this song to pay my respects to DMX the great. I got my good friend Nicholas Asis from Peru to help me out with additional rhythm and lead guitars on top of the original tune to make the song cater to two genres I absolutely love, rap and metal. If you loved DMX as much as I did then I hope you will resonate with this cover.”

    Toronto-based black metal band Astaroth Incarnate recently released a new EP, entitled Ascendance. It includes a cover of the Cradle Of Filth classic “Her Ghost In The Fog” featuring guest appearances from Hexenklad / former Eclipse Eternal frontman Voldemars and Alina Snowmaiden. They have released an official video for the track, which can be viewed below.

    Check out the band’s latest release, the Ascendance EP, via Spotify here.

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