Australian Synth-pop Duo Syzygy Debut Video for “Justice or Mercy”

    I know you only care
    what others see laid bare

    Australian synth-pop duo Syzygy release the first single from their upcoming debut album Anchor & Adjust. Members Rebecca Maher and Gus Kenny, both formerly of synth-punk band Spotting, explore the world of electronic pop – a high octane backbeat and Maher’s ethereal voice gallop through the age-old story of life after soured love. We hear elements of Nuovo Testamento, The Human League, NUN, Martin Dupont, Linea Aspera, Yazoo, and in particular, the dazzling synth stylings of Vince Clarke-era Depeche Mode.

    The unique video was made by the band by cleverly using an Xbox Kinect.

    “Gus developed a method that recorded the video and information from its infra-red depth sensors and used it to create a three-dimensional point cloud model of the space,” says Maher. “This model was coloured by mapping the video information onto the set of points, each of which was replaced by an ASCII character. Due to the size of the files involved, we could only record in 25-second blocks, which had to be rendered frame-by-frame, compiled into video clips, and stitched together manually. All up, the whole process used about 750 GB of hard-drive space.”

    Worth it. The effect is at once retro and futuristic, and their innovation pays off in a manner unseen since the dawn of video.

    Wath the video for “Justice or Mercy” below:


    Find the new single “Justice or Mercy” here.

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