Red Aim – My Jonaise

    German Stoner Rock Band Red Aim - MyJonaise from the Album "Saartanic Cluttydogs" source MrStonebeliever

    Holy Mount – Meadowvale

    Canadian Stoner/Doom Band Holy Mount "Meadowvale" from the Album "We Fell From The Sky" (2011) source MrStonebeliever

    Skraeckoedlan – Universe (2011)

    Swedish Stoner Rock band Skraeckoedlan "Universe" From their 2011 debut album "Appeltradet" Fans of Truckfighters should enjoy this. source MrStonebeliever

    Skraeckodedlan – Doedaroedlan

    Skraeckoedlan - "Doedaroedlan From 2011 debut album "Appeltradet" Swedish Stoner/Fuzz Metal band. source MrStonebeliever

    Red Aim – Em Zabbebabba Sai Bou

    German Stoner Rock band Red Aim - "Call Me Tiger" From the album "Call Me Tiger" Record Label: "I used to fuck people like you...

    Haiabusa -Conquer And Enslave

    From self tilted album 2006 source MrStonebeliever

    Skraeckoedlan – soluppgang

    Swedish Stoner/Fuzz Metal band Skraeckoedlan "Soluppgang" From the album: Appeltradet. 2011 source MrStonebeliever

    Skraeckoedlan “Cactus”

    Swedish Psychedelic Stoner Rock band Skraeckoedlan. "Cactus" From the 2011 album "Appeltradet" source MrStonebeliever

    Silver Devil “Control”

    Swedish Stoner Rock Band Silver Devil "Control" from their 2009 Demo E.P. source MrStonebeliever

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