Chorinferno – Del Chimi A La Nada [LP]

    Chorinferno is a band that explores various genres among which hints of stoner, metal, mathematical rock, punk and hard core can be distinguished, resulting in fresh and original material, full of guitar riffs, thunderous basses and crushing drums. The band had its origins in the city of Mendoza, Argentina in 2016. Currently the group consists of four musicians: Leandro Fantagusi (drums), Antonio Tomás Oses (Guitar), Franco Baldasso (Guitar) and Diego Villafañe (Bass). His debut album was titled “Del Chimi a la Nada” recorded in a home studio with Nicolas Calani. His second recently completed work is “Chorinomicón” recorded at Easy Records by Pablo Fernández Di Baja. Chorinferno – From Chimi To Nothing [2017] 1 – Panama Papers ~ 0:00 2 – The Money Route K ~ 2:14 3 – Diesel Cylinder Cap 500 ~ 4:41 4 – Superman Time-Warp ~ 7:19 5 – Russian Roast 68 Pesos El Kilo ~ 11 : 03 6 – Do You Remember When You Hit Me From Behind In Mar del Plata ~ 13:51 7 – I Am A Negrito, But I Know Ibiza ~ 17:20 Chorinferno Facebook

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