Colorado Industrial Psych Act The Drood Debuts Mind Melting Video for “Hallow”

    You’ve been riding your low too long
    Hunger pangs exacerbate your salivating maw

    Denver Colorado industrial-psych band The Drood, comprised of Nathan Jamiel and Daniel Watts, have dropped a mind-melting new music video for their new single ‘Hallow’ via Emergency Hearts.

    Hallow plunges headfirst into a seamless fusion of trip-hop, raw industrial and even a smattering of experimental prog rock, exploring heartfelt themes of self-discovery, esoteric wisdom, and objects of human veneration. With this intriguing single, The Drood exhorts the listener to confront the bizarre, the discomfiting, and the sublime. The ambience of Hallow is palpable, delving deep into the psyche in a captivating intersection between mysticism and skepticism, elation and anguish.  We hear the echoes of Portishead, Radiohead, 90s Britpop, and – to dive further back, the spectre of Syd Barrett hovering above it all.

    The elegantly psychedelic DIY video is a journey through the subconscious, as a montage of dreamlike sequences surround the band’s performance. The glitches, dragged time and direct communication feels like a dispatch from Spirit, as the plodding drum beat lulls us into a pleasant semi-hypnotic state.

    Watch below:

    Hallow was mixed by Daniel Watts and mastered by Joep Hendrikx in The Netherlands.

    The Drood’s inception in 2012 saw members of In Better Senses forge a new creative path together, with a rotating lineup orbiting Jamiel and Watts, the core founders. The band’s multifarious nature has propelled them to experiment with a wide-ranging palette, embracing everything from garage-rock, shoegaze, and industrial; to ballads, ambient drones, soundscapes, and beyond. Their oeuvre even makes room for subtle wit and whimsy amidst a sudden veer into darkness.

    Notable collaborators include Randall Frazier (The Legendary Pink Dots) and a recent joint effort with Dead Voices On Air to cover a Psychic TV track. In their most recent exploits, the band composed music for Mysteries of UB. Over the course of their existence, The Drood has birthed two full-length albums, along with several singles and music videos.

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