Darkest Hour – Knife In The Safe Room

    “Knife In The Safe Room” is the first single off the upcoming Darkest Hour album “Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora. Out March 10th, 2017 via Southern Lord Recordings. PRE ORDER THE ALBUM BELOW!

    “Knife In The Safe Room”

    Call it escape to stay alive
    Call it displacement with sunken eyes
    When all it takes to reignite
    Is separation of thought and sight

    Drought flood bathing in blood
    Sacred arrangement of god as a son

    Drown any semblance
    Of power of privilege of state
    The plight of the sainthood
    The harmony of gluttony and lust
    The knife in the safe room

    Without the business of death bringing glory what’s left
    A celebration of blood

    My arrow is true
    Another self given wound
    They all come from above
    To kill everything that you love

    Control and everything you know
    Is in the life you left 
    Is in the life you hold
    Back then you never see the head
    Disconnected flesh disconnected soul
    The unseen unfolds
    Who the pariah heeds
    The pariah holds

    This is the confession
    Of an obsessive former human
    The only one who tried to stop 
    This world from consuming
    And devouring itself

    source Southern Lord Records

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