DEPRESSED MODE Return With Decade Of Silence Album; “Eternal Darkness” Studio Video Streaming

    Symphonic doom/death metal band Depressed Mode – founded in Pori, Finland in 2005 – has awakened from 10 years of hibernation and is currently finalizing its third album. The album, called Decade Of Silence, is scheduled for release later this year, and unlike previous releases, Veronica Bordacchini, known from Fleshgod Apocalypse, is responsible for its female vocal parts.

    “Eternal Darkness” was forgotten in the desk drawer for 15 years before it found its rightful place on the upcoming album. With the re-adaptation, it became a great second fast track by the side of the previously released opening song, “Death Walks Among Us”.

    The lyrics of the song indirectly bypass the state of the modern world: “Drain the Seas, cut down the Forests. build in Darkness the new world order,” the band’s singer Otto Salonen says about the song.

    “Eternal Darkness” studio video:

    “Death Walks Among Us” lyric video:


    Otto Salonen – vocals & orchestrations
    Iiro Aittokoski – drums (Mors Principium Est (live), ex-Retaliatory Measures)
    Teemu Heinola – guitar (Arc Spectra, ex-Mors Principium Est)
    Henri Hakala – bass (Hiidenhauta)

    (Photo – Jamppa Lamminpää)

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