DesertFest Belgium 2021 Playlist ⚡️

    1 Playlist Per Day
    2 Tracks Per Band
    More Than 9 Hours of FUZZ!

    Desertfest Antwerp is just behind the corner and our More Fuzz team is beyond thrilled to finally return to the Belgian grounds, with one of its most eclectic lineups to date. 🤯

    This year’s edition marks the return of indoor underground music festivals and it will be a grand festivity, we can assure you. Mr. Fuzz, Mr. Stone, and Mr. Witchfinder will be there to report on the madness and capture it with both their ears and their eyes.

    We will be dropping live streams from the gigs, a concise photo gallery of each day, and a complete report after the festival so make sure to stay up to date with our socials! 👀

    Also, we traditionally compiled 4 playlists, 3 for each of the 3 days and a bigger one covering the whole festival so you can get an impression of what kind of sonic experiences await you at Desertfest Antwerp.

    Low-key doomers, dusty fuzzheads, and psych enthusiasts will all find something to comfort them here so give the playlist a spin or two as this year’s lineup is diverse and tight- definitely worth exploring!

    We can’t wait until Friday as it’s gonna be a blast like no other. 🔥






    See you there Fuzzers!

    You can’t make it? 🙁
    Don’t worry follow us on social media and (almost) feel like you were there!

    We will try to do a lot of Facebook Live Videos, also some videos & pictures on Instagram, so make sure to stay tuned: FacebookInstagram


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