El Viaje De Los Antiguos – El Viaje [EP]

    El Viaje de los Antiguos is a Venezuelan Stoner Rock band with Doom Metal influences. It was born in 2014 during the protests at the beginning of the year in the city of Valencia. A group of friends lock themselves up to make music with influences from the psychedelic groups of the 70s like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath in the compositions and the heavy stoner sound of the 90s like Sleep and Kyuss mainly. In that year they release the EVA demo of 3 songs, and go out to play in bars in their city. With a participation in a big event like the Psychosound Festival of Maracay 2015. The country’s crisis is accentuated and the members Rafael (guitar), Jean Paul (guitar and voice) and Simon (bass) must leave the country between 2016 and 2017. All 3 to different countries. Felipe the drummer is still in Venezuela. Since then the band continues in the distance composing and shaping the concept of the group, music from the desert and space, occultism, truths. In 2020, they release an EP entitled El Viaje composed of 4 songs. And in 2021, the single Cinco Almas as a prelude to an album that is under construction. Songs like Satan accepts me as I am, El hollow, Chapter 1 and Where the Sun rises first are the most listened to songs. Find and download them on the band’s Bandcamp. The Voyage of the Ancients promises new music. The Journey Of The Ancients – The Journey [2020] 1 – Chapter 1 ~ 0:00 2 – Where The Sun Rises First ~ 4:31 3 – Lost ~ 11:32 4 – Satan Accepts Me As I Am ~ 16:28 Journey Of The Ancients Facebook

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