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    “That was intense, really intense. Well, not really intense, but pretty intense.” 😛

    For me this year haven’t had a lot of albums with long jams taking me on a rollercoaster of a ride.
    But here comes this trio from the south of Germany whom I didn’t even know of until I listened to their promo for the brand new album called Vostok 1.

    What we’re in for is 4 tracks clocking in at 16 to 20 minutes long and be ready for prog and psychedelia, which at one moment soothes your soul and the next takes you on an intense journey.
    From what I’ve read this is quite a young band but they come across more as seasoned veterans.
    With the quality of the long songs you only feel like the guys have been jamming for years and truly honed their craft.

    Hit play, read on, and enjoy!

    How is the sound?

    Nexus starts with a short raga vibe to set the tone and then they dive into stoner riffage and fitting vocals for groovy heavy rock.
    With nice bass licks and great drumming they lay a foundation for the melodic guitar riffage to fly through the skies, the riffs go from bluesy to stoner, and other times a psychedelic touch.
    And when you think the ride is over the sitar and raga vibes come back for a bit of introspective thoughts.

    The vocals are more present and an organ can be noticed on the second track On A Drink With Jim.
    Here it feels more mellow and overall there’s an underlying 70’s vibe yet feeling modern in a King Buffalo kind of way.
    While the main guitar melody keeps the song steady, the second guitar comes in here and there with short solos like icing on a cake.
    It keeps building up and after the 7-minute mark the intensity is felt onwards and I must give compliments to Martin‘s drumming.

    Vostok 1 is up and here they really keep you on your toes with tension and not knowing where it will go.
    After the calm Pink Floyd’ish intro, a spacey riff kicks in, and the vocals create a King Buffalo vibe again.
    This is the track where extra attention is rewarded, rarely I notice the mellotron but here it fits like a glove.
    Before you know it, this 19-minute monument of a trip is almost over and leaves us in the calm after the storm.

    Last up is Orange October and for the first time, Elara Sunstreak Band shows some melancholy.
    Or maybe introspection to some.
    But as each minute pass, the atmosphere feels more positive and hopeful.
    I don’t have much more to say about this one but the band keeps it coherent and my attention never fades.
    And while not as versatile as the other tracks it evolves into beautiful melodies and perhaps a good way to let yourself land.

    I often put a lot of focus on the guitar playing because I’m a sucker for riffs but I gotta give compliments to the whole band.
    The mix & master is perfect and the sum wouldn’t be as good if any of those guys were missing.

    Why is this album worth listening to?

    • Because you want to experience an album that takes you on a ride with ups and downs.
    • Because these guys have lots of talent to create long expansive jams that don’t bore you.

    In what situation you should listen to this album?

    • Relax on your couch with headphones and enjoy a nice IPA or joint and then you’re ready to go.
    • Take a motorcycle ride on empty roads through beautiful nature, just don’t get too lost in the music.

    Something particular to note?

    This album is being released on the great label Sulatron Records, 500 copies of the cd, and a transparent blue 2-LP with gatefold sleeve so grab your’s before this future classic is sold out.
    Also gonna be available in other distros like Kozmik Artifactz/Bilocation, Clear Spot, Green-Brain, and Shiny Beast. 🙂


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