Esbjerg Fuzztival 2020 : Killer line-up in Denmark (+ playlist) ⚡️

    Super cool festival in the south-west of Denmark with an amazing in line-up, in 2020, what else are you asking for?

    In just two weeks 13 cool bands are coming to Esbjerg for 2 days of Stoner, Doom & Heavy-Psych glory!
    The Fuzztival Esbjerg’s team outdid thelmselves to bring you the best you can expect under the current circumstances, with a line-up challenging all hope this year.

    The Esbjerg Fuzztival is happening for the third time only this year, after a free open-air one day with 6 bands in July 2018, they took it to the next level, moving to a cool venue with no less than 16 killer bands in May last year.

    This year’s edition was also supposed to happen in May, but got postponed, first to July and then to the first week-end of September for the obvious reasons we all know. The team, composed of music-loving volunteers doing this on their free time, is really determined to make it happen, no matter what, and it’s damn impressive!

    The original line-up was already insane and the different postponings haven’t make it no less interesting, I mean, Causa Sui, Rotor and Papir are already enough of a reason for me to travel accross Europe in normal times, but this happening just a few hours away, in 2020? I wouldn’t even have dared to dream about it!
    And even if I quote only three, there’s some great smaller bands also in the rest of the bill, check this out:

    And the last band to be annouced on this poster was revealed earlier today, Electric Hydra from Sweden 😉


    I really hope this edition will be a success for Fuzztival because they really deserve it, for their persistence and all the efforts they’ve put into bringing us the best experience possible, despite this year’s shitty conditions.
    I’ll be there, so if you plan on going, let’s meet up fuzzers ✌?
    And if you don’t, I’ll make some lives from our facebook page and post a report to tell you everything about it afterwards, so keep an eye out 😉

    While you are waiting for those few weeks, we cooked up a sweet playlist featuring 2 tracks from every band that are going to play at the festival, in order or appearance, enjoy !



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