Exodus – Gary Holt Comments On Next Album

    Exodus’ latest album Persona Non Grata has been out for only two weeks, but guitarist Gary Holt revealed in a recent interview on The Aquarian Weekly that he has riffs and ideas already written for a follow-up album. He also seemingly confirmed the existence of leftover material that didn’t end up on Persona Non Grata, but might be used for the next Exodus record.

    Holt said: “I am always writing riffs. I have a catalog of thousands of riffs. I have some great stuff that wasn’t used on the new album. I get super A.D.D. [Attention Deficit Disorder] about riffs, ’cause I’ll come up with something new and think, ‘Do I sit [on the new one] and dig into the older stuff?’ Sometimes, I’ll sit with Tom and play him stuff I’ve recorded on my phone and he’ll say, ‘Wait! Play that one again.’ And I will have forgotten how to play it on my guitar.”

    The interviewer also reminded Holt to “careful about losing [his] cell phone”, referencing Metallica and original Exodus guitarist Kirk Hammett, who lost his phone containing riff ideas several years ago. Holt’s response was: “I have my stuff backed up, but if I lose my phone, I wouldn’t care. I’ve used the stuff I have really wanted to and by the time we do the next album, I’ll probably record another thousand riffs that I don’t listen back to.”

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