Fangclub – True Love

    Love and music go hand in hand like any other perfect pair. A song can be reminiscent of your first kiss, first heartbreak even your love for life. True Love (Vertigo), the five-track EP by Irish trio, Fangclub emphasizes on the theme and delivers for those that miss and love the alternative nostalgia of the nineties.

    Fanglub’s first self-titled debut was a major success in the UK and this EP continues to prove their talent. Kicking off with ‘Knife’ it immediately catches your attention as the track screams nostalgic vibes reminiscent of a vibrant Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins. As in ‘Heart Is A Landmine’, the melody and the heaviness of the bass lines create a balance for the rest of the album. When the bridge kicks in and frontman, Steven King sings “If you did it once, you’ll do it again” you will definitely be playing the song again and again.

    The guitar work on the EP is creatively written to hook you in with lively riffs and groovy melodies that keep you entertained. ‘Smother’ reflects that and mimics the first song with a catchy, dance-like riff that will have you swaying along. ‘Sweater Forever’ is a somber track that will have you singing every word; the Weezer vibes on the track sound radio friendly, but without a dull moment as it’s precisely constructed with every rhythm fitting so well.

    Once the last track, ‘High’ ends you are feeling wanting more from this band. Not only have they mastered the perfect sample of their chops, they have ignited a curiosity of where can they take the genre that is eager to make a comeback as pure as it can get.

    Alternative rock hasn’t seen this kind of life since MTV played music videos. And if Fangclub were playing around the theme of love, you will be falling in love with the Irish trio.





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