Fiancé – Feverdream



    Where’s their self-titled release was a little more upbeat, but downtempo their recent work is a little more thoughtful and deliberate. The driving track ‘Wing’ kicks in great form. From the first picked notes to lurching into the post-punk tempo and gently sung vocals, I was in gaze heaven. On this listen through I actually repeated this track several times and really soaked it up. Frontman Andrew Fusca has a lovely voice that doesn’t have the vulnerability factor up to high, but it is the perfect foil for this music. The entire band shines on here, as does the production work.


    Next track ‘Worms’ is a little more in the typical style of the band, A steady pop-gaze track that creates an atmosphere with whirling guitar licks, synths, and a lot of slick ride cymbals on the choruses. Really solid.

    ‘Urn’ returns to more of the opening track goodness. A very light keyboard with a neat vampy hook to reel you in, this song is a lot more urgent and airy I definitely dig it an is more in your face, and less background music feeling. Also, props for the lyrics of this track for making feel feelings, if I interpreted it correctly.

    The title track closes out the all too short EP with a more straightforward type of rocking-shoe gaze that dots the bands’ releases. A pretty strong finish. Feverdream is a definite grower and Fiance is a band I regret not being acquainted sooner. Don’t sleep on these guys, as I feel they have something special growing in them we have only seen a glimpse of so far.




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