First Listen : Buffalo Revisited – “Volcanic Rock Live” through Ripple Music ⚡️

    Australia’s Heavy Rock pioneers didn’t get back on stage since the 70’s !

    Any true lover of the glorious 70’s Rock’n’Roll era must have already listened to Sydney’s Buffalo, especially their two first iconic albums “Dead Forever” and “Volcanic Rock“. Back then they were with Vertigo Records, and even had dates with their labelmates Black Sabbath during their Australian tour in 1973.

    Dead Forever released in 1972
    Volcanic Rock released in 1973

    Many people, myself included, consider that Buffalo (and many other great bands from that era) paved the way for today’s Heavy & Fuzzy bands. It is a pure joy to see a revival of this kind of music, and even some 70’s bands like Buffalo jumping back on stage to please the older and younger fans like myself at the same time.

    And so that’s what founding member and vocalist Dave Tice did back in 2018. While he was having a successful solo career and as a member of The Count Bishops and The Headhunters, the requests to have a Buffalo reunion were becoming more and more insistent. So he reconvened Buffalo Revisited with the line-up of Troy Scerri (guitar), Steve Lorkin (Bass) and Marcus Fraser (drums).

    A few shows were then performed in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney to play their first three albums. And from what I heard (and what you’ll be able to listen to below!) the energy was still intact and the mythic tunes of Buffalo resonated stronger than ever !

    Volcanic Rock Live was then tapped on the 6th of June 2018 at The Bald Faced Stag Hotel of Sydney, and is the first official Live Album of Buffalo being released by no other than Ripple Music, who are not at their first attempt to revive good ol’ rock’n’roll from the 70’s with the release of Leaf Hound Live in Japan 2012 a few years ago.

    And so here you go, have a listen below to Buffalo’s Volcanic Rock Live playing their mighty Volcanic Rock in its entirety, a superb release marking the 45th anniversary of the band’s defining album :

    Volcanic Rock Live will be out tomorrow January 14th
    and you can already pre-order the LP & CD on Ripple Music Bandcamp page.
    You can also follow the band on Facebook.


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