Fuzzy Charts: Vote for March 2021 ⚡️

    Vote for March Fuzzy Charts

    It’s that time again, here’s the monthly poll of the albums that left a mark in YOUR ears.

    We want to see which albums really got into the audience’s ears and if we missed some gems. That’s also a good way to inventory everything that went out in a month, giving some light to some records that might have gone unnoticed otherwise.

    Let’s Get This Rollin’…
    Taking Your Votes
    for the Monthly Fuzzy Chart #3!

    Here is a link to the results of the previous Monthly Fuzzy Charts…

    Why Doing This?

    Mr. Fuzz tried it weekly a few years ago, to know what our fellow fuzzers were currently listening to. In January, I (Mr. Stone) thought this could be a cool idea to bring it back in a monthly setting, see if we missed anything in our reviews, and get to talk about more albums since there’s a lot going out these days 🙂

    I personally listen to a lot of different and new albums every week, but I don’t have the time to review each of them. And what we decide to review on More Fuzz may or may not reflect what everyone is listening to…

    Since Facebook made it quite annoying to make multi-entries polls, and the numbers were not sooo high last month (Januarys results here), I thought to make an article here linking to the form I created and pre-filled in the Fuzz Temple group eh eh.

    So I think this will be a good way to know what the scene is up to, and also to catch up with the best albums if you missed some of them 😉

    What Are The Rules?

    Click on the link below, which will bring you to the Fuzz Temple group, where I created the poll for this month.

    You can vote for as many albums as you want to, and also add some if you don’t find them in there, you only need to respect one rule:

    The albums need to have been released in the last month (so March for this one).

    Don’t hesitate to share this post or the poll directly because the more we are, the better it will represent what we all listened to this month!


    Thanks for reading and Keep it Fuzzy!

    Mr. Stone & the More Fuzz Team


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