Gaupa – Release Lyric Video For New Single

    Swedish rock band Gaupa share the third single from their forthcoming album, Myriad, which will be released on November 18th, 2022 via Nuclear Blast Records.

    Emma Näslund (Vocals) comments:
    “Moloken is a Swedish word that according to Google translate means ‘the moloch’. Whether this is true, I can’t tell you. It comes down to the concept of Swedish melancholy – to be downcast and feeling like a shred. This is a highly Swedish thing and I would say it peaks in November when the fire leafs have fallen and the trees are naked patiently awaiting their winter coat of frost and snow. This is when you really start to feel the darkness. It seeps into every inch of your being. I think this feeling is captured in this song, which is not really a happy go lucky tune. Whether it comes from you, the world, a strung out relationship or just the weather isn’t really important. There is just this feeling. But as soon as the snow sets, the sky lightens and another wave of hope enters.”

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