Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Luciferian Towers

    In a modern-day climate ever shrouded in chaos, with the evils of the world seemingly ever rife and constant and a political landscape that spells doom and hardship; it seems only fitting that Godspeed You! Black Emperor, a band that has always prided and showcased their alternative, anti-capitalist political outlook, return with a new album after a long five years. One of the most adventurous and near abrasive yet beautiful components in post-rock, and a genuinely captivating and forward thinking outfit throughout their existence, a new release is very unlikely to disappoint; and Luciferian Towers (Constellation), a name that eerily matches the recent Grenfell Tower news in London, is a suitably matched soundtrack to today’s ever harrowing timeline.

    With liner notes that state demands for “the expert fuckers who broke this world to never speak again” amongst others, it’s clear that GY!BE is pulling no punches, and Luciferian Towers provides some of the bleakest and unsettling atmospheres of their catalogue to date but manages to do so without some of the more overt sonic heaviness of some of their previous efforts. Sweeping, majestic cascades early on soon make way for an increasingly warping and evocative barrage of near abrasive, yet still melodic, passages, evoking pure ill. Piercing orchestral elements add tension, and the building of layers into crescendos, whilst a familiar post-rock qualities, work wonders in ever increasing morose ambiance. All of this, however, is equally permeated by soaring melodies which weave throughout, proving impactful amongst the murk of its more dissident elements, and offering a sense of relief and hopefulness in the dark.


    GY!BE! have always been about an immersive experience and the thought-provoking realisation of the utter oblivion we seem to encounter on a daily basis; and Luciferian Towers is as much an experience as we have come to expect, offering polarising aspects of the dark and the light. This is an album that is meant to be given full attention to, and thus will absorb you with its emotive weight, its experimental orchestration and its sublime layering. An ever reliable soundtrack to our seemingly inevitable apocalypse.




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