Greenmachine – D​.​A​.​M​.​N. (Full Album | Reissue 2020)

    Artist: Greenmachine [Kanazawa, Japan] Title: “D.A.M.N.” RRS
    Type of release: reissue of the full-length album
    Formats: LP/CD
    Labels: Robustfellow [UA], Riff Merchant [US], Long Legs Long Arms [JP], Bad Moon Rising [TW] Catalogue Number: RRS 002 | RMR 005 | 3LA-033 | BMR-010
    Release Date: 2020
    On 00:00
    Muddy 01:28
    Red Eye 04:25
    Cunt Maniac 06:07
    Narrow 08:31
    D.A.M.N 16:27
    Flower 22:39
    Knowledge 26:59
    Underdone 30:06
    Brown Past (live, bonus track) 35:50
    Some Bends (live, bonus track) 42:30
    Robust Relics Series is back with the reissue of the pure sludge masterpiece!
    Please welcome Greenmachine from Japan.
    Their debut album “D.A.M.N.” was released 24 years ago by local label TASTE Recs. [T/CD-1] in 1996.
    Two years later it was released by the US cult label Man’s Ruin [MR103CD], with cover artwork designed by graphic artist/label owner Frank Kozik. That artwork still looks shocking and disturbing even today!
    In 2003 Japan’s DIWPHALANX [PX-103] added “+3” to the title and re-released this beast once again. This Japanese re-issue is very difficult to find.
    In 2020 Robustfellow invited two fine labels: Riff Merchant and Long Legs Long Arms to cover the globe with analogue sludgecore tunes, starting with “D.A.M.N.”
    This is the first release of this album on vinyl in 24 years.

    Bad Moon Rising [TW] going to produce CD version of “D.A.M.N.” in Robust Relics Series.

    Reissue features:
    – Artwork by Iaroslav Grob [Robust Artist] – Two bonus tracks (appearing on CD/LP for the first time)
    – Mastered in Kyiv, UA by Iaroslav “Necromandus” Prokopchuk [Robustcrew] in 2018-2019

    Greenmachine in 2020 are:
    DATSU / Drums
    MONZAWA / Vocal,Guitar
    YOSHIKAWA / Bass
    MAX / Guitar

    Greenmachine named themselves after the Kyuss song “Green Machine,” the second track on Blues for the Red Sun.
    In 1996 they released their debut album, D.A.M.N. on TASTE Recs., reissued by Man’s Ruin Records.
    They followed with The Earth Beater two years later, also on Man’s Ruin.
    They disbanded in 1999 but resurfaced in 2003 with a new bass player and released The Archives of Rotten Blues in 2004 on Diwphalanx Records.
    Diwphalanx also reissued the two Man’s Ruin albums with bonus tracks in 2003. They played The Wizard’s Convention in 2005 and are featured on the DVD along with fellow Japanese artists Boris, Church of Misery and Eternal Elysium.
    The band disbanded again in 2007, with the DVD release, “This is the End”, documenting their final show.
    The band has since done multiple reunion shows. The first was in 2010, the second in 2013. The line up for that show was MONZAWA on guitar/vocal, HASEGAWA on bass and DATSU on drums.
    After the 2013 reunion show, the band reunited again with MONZAWA on guitar/vocal, YOSHIKAWA on bass and DATSU on drums.
    The band recruited a new member, Max, on guitar in 2014 and released “FOR THE NIGHT AND BLOOD EP”(Daymare Recordings) in 2016.
    New full-length “Mountains of Madness” was released in 2019 via Long Legs Long Arms &
    Daymare Records.

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