Grima – Tour Announced

    Coming from the Russian tundra, Grima just announced a European tour with Kanonenfieber which starts on January 6 in Paris, and ends on March 17 in Bamberg, Germany.

    The band comments: “Modernized war is devastating, not only for the human beings, but also for the Earth. It brings death and decay to everything our cult cherishes, leaving bruises and permanent scars on [the] Earth’s body. Putting our sacred temple on fire.

    Grima, our almighty god, weeps in the sight of all the destruction unholy beings have brought upon us. But no one can hear our lamentations, as we speak a long forgotten tongue. For this reason, we are pleased to announce a ‘Frostbitten’ journey through the mainland with our friends whom we met last summer who share our conviction but in a different and more direct approach. Please cheer for the human mill and German anti-war blackened death metal outfit Kanonenfieber.

    This tour is a last minute decision, and we are thankful for all the support of the local promoters. Having all these shows confirmed in just about 14 days is a work of art. We would like to fully make use of our visa, which is valid until March. We have no clue what awaits us in [the] future, as we might not be back for a few years at least, until this insane world comes a bit back to it senses.”

    Frostbitten tour dates:

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