HEAVEN SHALL BURN – Three Songs From Live At Wacken World Wide 2020 Performance Streaming (Video)

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German metal core giants Heaven Shall Burn were the very first band to play Wacken World Wide’s XR-Stage. Check out the clip below featuring “Endzeit”, “Hunters Will Be Hunted” and “Combat”.

Heaven Shall Burn’s new double album, Of Truth And Sacrifice, was released back in March via Century Media. Order the album here, and watch a guitar playthrough video for the song “Thoughts And Prayers” below:

On Of Truth And Sacrifice you can look forward to their trademark sound, more unusual tunes and atmospheric strings that the band fleshed out with Sven Helbig and recorded with conductor Wilhelm Keitel in Minsk. On top of roughly 100 minutes of music on the regular album the limited editions come with a 80min documentary, “Mein grünes Herz in dunklen Zeiten“ (“My Green Heart In Dark Times“), by renown producer Ingo Schmoll who followed the band for almost a year in order to get to the bottom of the phenomenon Heaven Shall Burn.


“March Of Retribution”
“Thoughts And Prayers”
“My Heart And The Ocean”
“What War Means”
“Terminate The Unconcern”
“The Ashes Of My Enemies”

“Children Of A Lesser God”
“La Résistance”
“The Sorrows Of Victory”
“Critical Mass”
“Eagles Among Vultures”
“Weakness Leaving My Heart”

“Übermacht” video:

“Eradicate” video:

“My Heart And The Ocean” video:

“Protector” / “Weakness Leaving My Heart” video:

Heaven Shall Burn lineup:

Guitar: Maik Weichert
Bass: Eric Bischoff
Guitar: Alexander Dietz
Vocals: Marcus Bischoff
Drums: Christian Bass

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