Hermit’s Maze – State Of Mind [LP]

    Hermit’s Maze is an Instrumental Progressive Metal band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who immerse the listener into a maze of emotions. “Cyclothyminis” was their debut EP, recorded in 2017. On their official website, the band shared some short stories sent by fans, inspired by their music and what they feel or imagine when listening to their tracks. Even more, a whole space adventure novel titled “Cazarrecompensas” was also inspired by these compositions. They released “State of Mind”, with ‘Duality’ as Single, on July 2019. The eleven tracks keep the emotional complicity started with “Cyclothyminis”. The band has been greeted with very good reviews and aired in several european/american radio shows. On November 13rd, 2020 Hermit’s Maze published the new álbum: “Every Dream Has Its Bleakness”. Five unreleased tracks with a dark path. Artwork by JB Design.

    Hermit’s Maze – Duality [2019] 01 – An Unexpected Collapse ~ 0:00
    02 – State Of Mind ~ 2:05
    03 – Duality (Original 2018 Mix) ~ 6:36
    04 – Parallel Déjà Vu ~ 10:55
    05 – Just.Re-Born ~ 11:42
    06 – Crystal Box ~ 15:04
    07 – Cognitive Dissonance ~ 17:27
    08 – Fill Yours Shadows With Black ~ 21:53
    09 – N1n3 ~ 24:25
    10 – Sea Of Deafness ~ 27:40
    11 – The Calm Before… ~ 31:04

    Hermit’s Maze

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