Hombrehumano – Hombrehumano [LP]

    Hombrehumano is a stoner fuzz rock trio that was formed in 2008, in the city of Buenos Aires. Influences go back to rock and roll, blues and punk of the 60s and 70s, and part of the alternative scene of the 90s. His identity is based on the valve sound, and the free spirit of his compositions, the product of long jam sessions and improvisations. In 2011 we recorded “Session 1”, a four-song demo where the hallmark of the band’s sound begins to emerge. (During the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 there have been presentations / concerts, in different stages of the Buenos Aires on stage. At the same time the composition of what would be Hombrehumano was being polished. (Homonimous) album that was finally recorded between November 2014 and May 2015. At the Afro studio (Lanús, Buenos Aires). The first official album comes to life, released in August 2015. The impact of the album was well received. Both locally and internationally. Several copies were sent to Europe, the United States and different countries in South America Ozium Records (Switzerland) Included in their catalog Hombrehumano – Hombrehumano [2015] 1 – Boreas ~ 0:00 2 – Condor Wings ~ 10:09 3 – El Bulba ~ 15:50 4 – Invasions I ~ 20:20 5 – Invasions II ~ 26:31 6 – Engine Head ~ 34:43 7 – Towards the Nawal ~ 40:10 Manhuman Facebook

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