IAN PARRY To Release Brute Force Album In June; Details And Special Guests Revealed

    Metal Mind Productions has announced the release of the new solo album by Ian Parry (Elegy, Consortium Project), entitled Brute Force.

    After the successful worldwide release of Ian Parry’s fifth solo album, In Flagrante Delicto, Ian now celebrates his 40th year as a professional singer songwriter with the release of his Rock Emporium 2, Brute Force album. This monumental second instalment from Rock Emporium in a melodic power rock / neo-classical metal style, was produced by Ian & mixed by Engineer/Producer/guitarist Fabio Calluori at Sonic Temple Studios Italy (Heimdall/Stamina/Sellitto).

    Alongside Ian Parry (Consortium Project/Elegy/Vengeance) are musicians/singers out the world of metal & members of well-known bands such as: Beth-Ami Heavenstone (Graham Bonnet Band); Timo Somers (Delain); Martin Helmantel (Elegy); Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian); Allan Sorensen (Royal Hunt/Pretty Maids); Patrick Rondat (Jean-Michel Jarre/Consortium Project); Patrick Johansson & Svante Henryson (Malmsteen); Kris Gildenlöw (Pain of Salvation/Dial); Luca Sellitto (Stamina); Walter Cianciusi, Enrico Cianciusi & Dario Parente (Jeff Tate Band/Headless); Ivar De Graaf (Within Temptation/Kingfisher Sky); Bob Wijtsma (Ex Libris/Ayreon); Jeroen van der Wiel (Odyssice); Kalin Jechev (Rock Emporium 1).

    Special guest singers includes Wade Black (Crimson Glory/ Leatherwolf/ Seven Witches); Stefano Sbrignadello  (Stamina), and Ani Lozanavo (Ani Lo Band) & Antonio Giorgio.

    Brute Force is scheduled for a worldwide release on June 4 (Metal Mind Productions, partners – Bickee Music in Japan & MVD in the US).


    “In Isolation”
    “Darkest Secrets”
    “‘Til The Day I Die”
    “My Confession”
    “Brute Force”
    “Lethal Injection”
    “Rings Of Fire”
    “Where Do We Go From Here”

    Bonus track for Japan & Sub-licensing:
    “One Vision” (Tribute to Queen & Freddie Mercury)

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