Icelandic Post-Punk Trio Kælan Mikla Debut Video for “Hvítir Sandar” Featuring Alcest

    Icelandic post-punk trio Kælan Mikla debut their surreal video for “Hvítir Sandar” featuring Alcest. The song, whose title translates as “White Sands”, weaves haunting and melancholic melody, with droning and shivering guitars courtesy of the collaboration with the French Shoegaze and Metal band.

    On the nature of the song, the band explains:

    “Hvítir Sandar” is about feeling like you’re being defeated by your own faults and demons. It’s about self-acceptance. Even if you carry a darkness within, it’s what makes you who you are, and you shouldn’t have to change for other people.

    On the collaboration, Alcest’s Neige adds:

    “We felt really honored when Kælan Mikla offered us to be guests on their song Hvítir Sandar. Alcest and Kælan Mikla toured together in 2020 and from the start we definitely saw connection between the two bands despite the stylistic difference. Hvítir Sandar is one of our favorites on the album and before even starting to work on it, we had a vision of what the aesthetics of Alcest could bring to the song. We are so proud of how it turned out and we hope that the fans of Kælan Mikla will enjoy this collaboration just as much as we did!

    Watch the video for “Hvítir Sandar”, directed by Máni M. Sigfússon, below:


    Kælan Mikla’s new album Undir Köldum Norðurljósum is out October 15, 2021 via Artoffact Records.

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