Italian Dark Dream Pop Trio 3+Dead Debut Video for “Snake of June”

    Howling cautionary voice that cursed

    the day, there’s nothing else

    left to give you

    We flow away

    With a sensual blend of dream pop, darkwave, and shoegaze, Italian trio 3+Dead releases a live session video performance of their self-titled album, as well as the mesmerizing video for “Snake of June”. Released in November 2019 by Swiss Dark Nights (in collaboration with Icy Cold Records), the album narrates and navigates its own inner journey, with all its lights and shadows.

    Taking heed from the wide umbrella of Asylum Party, Lycia, D.A.F, Stone Roses, and Cocteau Twins, their decadent, dreamy compositions, echoing guitar riffs and evocative female voice bring a new, fresh perspective to the genre.

    3+Dead was founded in Rome in 2017 by Roberto Ruggeri (guitar, synth), Elisa Pambianchi (vox), who collaborates in the writing of the melodies and composes the lyrics of the songs, and bassist Giuseppe Marino.

    Despite being relatively new to the scene, the trio has already shared the stage with Winter Severity Index, Miro Sassolini (Diaframma ), and undertheskin.

    The fantastic stop-motion video for “Snake of June” features hypnotic and psychedelic visuals that perfectly match the beautiful and dark surrealism of the song.

    Watch below:

    The band’s live set, even under the confines of lockdown, is as intriguing and engaging as their album. Looking forward to hearing more from 3+Dead.

    Watch the session below:

    Stream the album  3+Dead here:

    Follow 3+Dead:

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