Jastreb – Orient And Occident – (Full Album 2016)


    Zagreb Croatia

    The Island
    As you found that little Island
    Just a white spot in the sea
    It brought some kind of hope to you
    your friends their families
    All the castaways in their lifeboats
    could walk the sunset at night
    after ages in their hideouts
    giving homage to the light

    and you started up a life there
    built what was needed from what was found
    not the best but still all good enough
    somewhere to live on solid ground
    but life was never perfect
    that’s something one could confess
    people searching for new possibilities
    some want more and others less

    There were quarrels and discussions
    while people fought to get their rights
    and it stole the whole attention
    from the sea that special night
    it just started with a shiver
    that slowly grew up to a roar
    all the sea was filled with acid
    and it surged upon the shore

    Freedom as an Island

    Amanda Lear
    Night time guidance moon shining bright
    whispering secrets her voice through the night
    licking her eyelids, all things she consumes
    sensing her presence, delicious perfume.

    She will tell us all things we shall know
    people to see and the places to go
    She will take us through cities at night
    Stardust goddess just follow her tight
    Flying away in a black satin gown
    Heavy bracelet of glimmering stone

    She will tell us all things we shall know
    High heels, cheetah, black cap in Limo

    all the things that we will know
    High heels, cheeta, Limo

    Pasolini Nightmare
    Pasolini nightmare – doubled
    slip into my sleep make me troubled
    Daydream office, smile! avoiding detection

    In a town somewhere in the wasteland
    a baby child was born ‘mong the trash and
    I was called in to perform the dissection

    witnesses were also brought there
    sitting like vultures around in high chairs
    anxious to see and begin their (thorough) inspection

    But first it was me I was the headline
    did this before and everything worked fine
    though splattered all over, no protest or scent of rejections.

    I know, this is art in some form
    it’s the calm before the storm
    it’s a beautiful day

    I know, it’s the figures on it’s skin
    signs that make it all begin
    in a wonderful way

    Pasolini nightmare – doubled
    slip into my sleep make me troubled
    I keep up a smile avoiding detection

    Let Go
    I crawl through a fluid mirror
    life is easy when travelling there
    I just let go, and slip away

    Shining kneecaps here to deliver
    landing techniques falling right down the stairs
    Now let go and slip away

    Sunbeam bright seen through my window
    sewer taste in morning time
    marks and blisters here to stay

    Crawling through my fluid mirror
    life is easy I am one with myself
    Bogus creatures have come to play

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