Jeff Berlin to release tribute to the late Cream bassist Jack Bruce

    Former Bruford bassist Jeff Berlin is to release a tribute to his friend, the late Cream bass player Jack Bruce, with the release of Jack Songs on August 2. You can watch Berlin discuss the project in a video below.

    “Recording the music of Jack Bruce has been the most emotional recording project of my career,” explains Berlin. “Jack was the greatest bass influence I ever had. In the center of his music were these strange and wonderful bass lines weaving in and out of the key, reaching for resolutions and finding them, again, and again. Jack’s playing was a living evolving improvisation.

    “Jack was the Alpha and Omega for me. I never would have become the bass player I became if I didn’t hear his unfettered improvisations and innovations, his creating a completely original bass tone, and his playing every gig as if it was his last. When he died, I immediately set out to honour him by reviewing his music to choose some of my favourite songs of his and recording them via my own musical vision. As was his legacy of musical brilliance, I wanted this record to be brilliant to honour his spirit. He really means this much to me.

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