One of music’s most influential figures, Rob Halford’s impact on heavy metal is vast. Judas Priest has sold an estimated 50 million records, played countless shows, and defined heavy metal for nearly five decades.

On the new episode of The Radical with Nick Terzo, Halford talks about his new book, Confess, and shares an in-depth look at his life, from his earliest years to where he is now, what led him to write his autobiography, rock n’ roll, sex, pain, and the need for human connection. Halford also shares his thoughts on anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination and violence and touches on the relationship and family-like nature of Judas Priest.

Hear it here.

Nick Terzo, entertainment business leader and music producer, launched his debut game-changing podcast in early September 2020. The Radical takes a bold approach to the traditional artist interview format modelled by other podcasts. With The Radical, Terzo invites an impressive and varied roster of talent for one-on-one discussions that take a scrutinizing look at major artistic breakthroughs and strategic business moves. In parsing their journeys, Terzo breaks down how these high-performing creatives arrived at a peak level of commercial and artistic excellence.

For Terzo, the project is both a fresh and engaging venture, and a personal labor of love. “This podcast will explore creativity, success – and the many obstacles and defeats that arise,” by taking a close, “no-bullsh*t” look at the skills and methods of these offbeat, enterprising minds.

(Photo – Larry Rostant)