KAMELOT / CYHRA Drummer ALEX LANDENBURG Talks Five Drummers That Influenced Him – “To This Day I’m Grateful To My Music Teacher Because He Just Threw Me Into The Water”

    Kamelot / Cyhra drummer Alex Landenburg recently sat down with A&P Reacts to discuss his career as a drummer and the five drummers that influenced him on his journey.Check out the interview below.

    Landenburg: “I knew I wanted to make music so I started playing guitar when I was 8 years-old, but somehow my attention went more from the guitarists and the singers to the drummers. I caught myself always looking at the drummers. It was much cooler (to see) what the guy in the back was doing. Somehow I understood the importance of it, that this guy was holding everything together. He might not get the immediate attention but it’s super cool. I realized ‘This is what I want to do’ and switched to drums. So, I started playing drums at 10 years-old. I was playing big band jazz from very early on, and to this day I’m grateful to my music teacher because he just threw me into the water. I wasn’t ready to do it and he was like ‘You’re gong to do this now.’

    Kamleot have posted their new tour South American tour schedule for 2021. It was postponed twice in 2020 due to the ongoing global pandemic. The schedule is now as follows. Shows marked (**) feature Turilli / Lione Rhaposdy as co-headliners.

    11 – Santiago, Chile – Teatro Caupolicán
    13 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Teatrito
    15 – Porto Alegre, Brazil – Opiniao **
    16 – Curitiba, Brazil – Tork ‘n’ Roll **
    18 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Circo Voador **
    19 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Carioca Club **
    20 – Brasilia, Brazil – Toinha **


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