KOMATSU “The Long Way Home” (Official Music Video) 2017

    Dutch Stoner/Sludge Rock band Komatsu “The Long Way Home” (Offical Music Video) January 2017
    From the album “Recipe For Murder One” (Sept 2016)
    Availabe via Lighttown Fidelity (Vinyl) and Argonauta Records (CD)

    Footage of Komatsu during their last European tour with Duel (USA). Live footage from Desertfest Belgium (Antwerp (B), October 16th 2016) and Into the Void festival (Leeuwarden (NL), October 22th 2016). Montage by Bart Oversteegen.

    You can order the album “Recipe for murder one” (featuring Nick Oliveri) on vinyl at:
    You can order the album on CD at:

    More info:

    Upcoming shows:
    2017•JAN•28 Freezerock Festival – Zwaag (NL)
    2017•FEB•09 Gebroeders de Nobel – Leiden (NL) supporting Orange Goblin
    2017•FEB•10 Dynamo – Eindhoven (NL) supporting Orange Goblin
    2017•FEB•11 Vera – Groningen (NL) supporting Orange Goblin
    2017•FEB•18 ’t Ukien – Kampen
    2017•FEB•28 Traffic – Roma (ITA) with the Freeks (USA)
    2017•MAR•01 Cafe Liber – Torino (ITA) with the Freeks
    2017•MAR•02 Centrale Rock – Erba (ITA) with the Freeks
    2017•MAR•03 Freak Out – Bologna (ITA) with the Freeks
    2017•MAR•04 Arci taun – Fidenza (ITA) with the Freeks
    2017•MAR•05 Hostaria – Castel D’Ario (ITA) with the Freeks
    2017•MAR•06 Altroquando – Zerobranco (ITA) with the Freeks
    2017•MAR•07 Tetris – Trieste (ITA) with the Freeks
    2017•MAR•08 Sidro – Savignano (ITA) with the Freeks
    2017•MAR•09 Hirscheneck – Basel (CH) with the Freeks
    2017•MAR•10 Woodstock Guitar Shop – Ensisheim (FRA) the Freeks
    2017•MAR•11 Bruch Bros – Luzern (CH) with the Freeks
    2017•MAR•12 Graf Hugo – Feldkirch (CH) with the Freeks
    2017•MAR•14 Zoro – Leipzig (AT) with the Freeks
    2017•MAR•15 Huhnermanhattan – Halle (GER) with the Freeks
    2017•MAR•16 Cortina Bob – Berlin (GER) with the Freeks
    2017•MAR•17 Sabotage – Dresden (GER) with the Freeks
    2017•MAR•18 Tiko – Erfurt (GER) with the Freeks
    2017•MAR•19 Rare guitar shop – Munster (GER) with the Freeks
    2017•APR•14 Paaspop 2017 – Schijndel (NL)
    2017•APR•15 Paaspop 2017 – Schijndel (NL)
    2017•APR•16 Paaspop 2017 – Schijndel (NL)
    2017•APR•22 de Meester – Almere (NL)
    2017•MAY•18 South-America tour – t.b.a.
    2017•MAY•19 South-America tour – t.b.a.
    2017•MAY•20 South-America tour – t.b.a.
    2017•MAY•21 South-America tour – t.b.a.
    2017•MAY•22 South-America tour – t.b.a.
    2017•MAY•23 South-America tour – t.b.a.
    2017•MAY•24 South-America tour – t.b.a.
    2017•MAY•25 South-America tour – t.b.a.
    2017•MAY•26 South-America tour – t.b.a.
    2017•MAY•27 South-America tour – t.b.a.
    2017•MAY•28 South-America tour – t.b.a.

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