La Dama Oscura – Hyena [EP]

    The Dark Lady is a Rock band that plays Heavy Metal in the broadest sense of the word. That is to say: we neither want -nor can we- pigeonhole ourselves into a specific current within Heavy, because we seek, above all, eclecticism and diversity in our compositions. We have “Maidenian” Heavy songs, Rock and Roll, Hard Rock, fast songs, slow songs, ballads, some happier and others darker, purist Heavy details, others extreme Metal… Variety, but always pretending to create an auditory environment that excites the listener’s imagination and feelings. We defend that Heavy Metal is not only music: it is SHOW, social denunciation and rebellion. For this reason, in our live shows, without affecting the quality of the technical execution, we care about offering those who come to see us a complete show of lights, sound, theater and image. It is also about bringing to the stage an “interactive” concert concept -haha-, since the attendees have to get involved at certain moments of it. It cannot be explained better. Therefore: COME SEE US! The Dark Lady – Hyena [2018] 1 – Hyena ~ 0:00 2 – Garden Of Furies ~ 3:34 3 – Blood Stained Money ~ 6:32 4 – Santa Muerte ~ 10:54 5 – When Dreams Bite ~ 14:55 6 – Monstrously Ancient ~ 18:36 The Dark Lady Facebook
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