La Sonrisa De Karenin – Nunca Nadie [LP]

    The group presented its first full-length production called “Never Nobody” on April 2. The recording of this album was done at Yard Records in conjunction with Golden Stage. As well as the mixing and mastering was in charge of Alonso Chavarría at Yard Records. The album aims to encapsulate part of the experience of transition from adolescence to adulthood. Puberty emotions, new sensations, first encounters with the curse of being a person. Little by little one begins to rethink the essential links, prune ideas, assume oneself, and then organize what we started and stopped being. The title “Never Nobody” began as a sentence of total existential pessimism that Isaac repeated to himself and that only made sense for a while. This one hung as a personal amulet until it was embedded in the album despite not being as sensible an idea as it was before, representing then the armor that is left behind and what we are collecting to heal and adorn the person that we build in the mirrors. . Nobody understands. There is never company. Nothing is. I am not. Karenin’s Smile – Never Anyone [2021] 1 – Vos, Canción (Ft. Alfredo Retana) ~ 0:00 2 – Cotard (Ft. Denis Solano & Charly Conejo) ~ 3:08 3 – May Z ~ 8:21 4 – Your Lucidity ~ 14:51 5 – Menina (Ft. Blue Lego) ~ 18:54 6 – In Spiral ~ 23:04 7 – Sunbathing (In Spiral Pt. 2) ~ 29:04 Karenin’s Smile Facebook

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