Listen to the guitar solo Queen’’s Brian May considers the best of all time

    The author of some of the greatest riffs and sweetest solos in rock history, Queen’s Brian May knows a thing or two about making a guitar sing. So when our pals at Total Guitar were granted an exclusive audience with the 73-year-old musician, and, unprompted, he spoke with genuine passion about his favourite guitar solo of all time, we felt compelled to listen in. 

    “It’s [Eric[] Clapton, Key To Love, from John Mayall’s Blues Breakers [with Eric Clapton] album,” May revealed. “It’s the hottest, burning, high-passion piece I’ve ever heard in my life – still to this day. I just love it. It totally rips, and I’ll never get over that. That’s one of my great inspirations.“

    “He burned in that solo!’ enthuses May. “The whole track revolves around that solo. Every time I put it on, I’m just waiting… John Mayall’s great, but you’re waiting for that moment when Eric rips out and suddenly he’s whacking into those top notes. It’s incredible. Absolutely spine-chilling.“

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