Listenable To Release STRAPPING YOUNG LAD Studio Catalog On Vinyl

    Listenable Records will reissue the ultimate and gloriously uncompromising Strapping Young Lad studio catalog on vinyl this year for the World. Every reissue has been remastered for the vinyl format and comes with exclusive bonuses. Some tracks have never been issued in Europe and on vinyl.

    The first batch Alien (2005) and The New Black (2006) comes out on April 30th in Europe and on May 14th in North America.

    Alien will be reissued as double gatefold vinyl (colours tbc).

    Side A 

    Side B    
    “We Ride”    
    “Two Weeks”  

    Side C     
    “Info Dump”  

    Side D 
    “Love?” (extended version) 

    The New Black will be reissued as single vinyl (colours tbc).

    Side A
    “You Suck”           
    “Anti Product”    
    “Wrong Side”    

    Side B
    “Far Beyond Metal”   
    “Almost Again”       
    “The New Black”    
    “The Long Pig”      

    The next batch will be the City (1997) and SYL (2003) albums, and then Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing (1995). More info coming soon. 

    (Photo: Omer Cordel)


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