Mammon's Throne – Forward Unto Flame (Full Album 2020)

    Forward Unto Flame (2020)
    Mammon’s Throne
    Melbourne, Australia
    Race Against the Incoming Tide 00:00
    Abhorrent Skies 06:49
    The Spectre That Lies Within 15:21
    Wither 23:26
    Forward Unto Flame 31:12
    ‘Forward Unto Flame’ is Mammon’s Throne’s debut release and is a grim, crushing unholy sermon of doom!

    ‘Screaming aeons trapped in torment, all sinners are cast forward unto flame’
    released March 13, 2020

    Written and performed by Mammon’s Throne
    Recorded and Mixed by Jason Fuller at Goatsound Studios
    Mastered by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege
    Artwork by Apocalyptic Nuke

    Contributions by Shalinda Halpé on Track 5 Forward Unto Flame.

    Mammon’s Throne is:

    Matthew Miller – Vocals
    Amesh Perera – Rhythm & Lead Guitars
    Sam Talbot-Canon – Bass
    Nick Boschan – Drums

    We’d like to extend our thanks to everyone who made this record possible. The maniacs who attend our shows, buy our merchandise and spread our music, our parents, friends and families who continue to support us and help us do what we do.

    Massive thanks to BLACK FARM Records!

    Source 666MrDoom


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