MATTSSON Feat. LARS ERIC MATTSSON, LANCE KING Release Audio Sampler For New Remix Of Power Games Album

    Mattsson, the progressive metal act featuring Lars Eric Mattsson and singer Lance King (Balance Of Power, Empire), have release a remixed edition of the 2003 album, Power Games, including bonus material, via Lion Music. Find an audio sampler below.

    Power Games features two short interludes, eight tracks of progressive metal, of which one is instrumental, the 17+ minute “Beyond The Horizon-Guitar Concerto No. I”

    For the 2020 remaster this composition was split up in six parts to simplify the listener experience. Turn-n-burn fretwork, dazzling flourishes, and lots of melodious guitar lines mark Power Games.

    The 2020 remaster also includes the bonus track “Season To Change” which was originally written and recorded for Lars’ 1995 Astral Groove project. The album’s opener “Preludes” includes a short acoustic guitar piece not included on the original version, thereby the name.


    “Open The Gate”
    “Victim Of Freedom”
    “Blind Faith”
    “Chained To My Pain”
    “Bridge To The Past”
    “Into Safety”
    “Safely Through The Fight”
    “Beyond The Horizon (Guitar Concerto no 1) Act I”
    “Beyond The Horizon (Guitar Concerto no 1) Act II”
    “Beyond The Horizon (Guitar Concerto no 1) Act III”
    “Beyond The Horizon (Guitar Concerto no 1) Act IV”
    “Beyond The Horizon (Guitar Concerto no 1) Act V”
    “Beyond The Horizon (Guitar Concerto no 1) Act VI”
    “Lead Me On My Way”
    “Season To Change” (bonus track)

    Album sampler:


    Lars Eric Mattsson – Guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals
    Lance King – Lead Vocals
    Eddie Sledgehammer – Drums


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