Metal Storm Next! – Server Move On Saturday

    Dear Metal Stormers,

    as we previously announced, Metal Storm has recently undergone a change of ownership. Our founder, Ivan, has decided to focus on other projects and the site is now operated by a team of current staff.

    This change comes with a long-overdue upgrade to our infrastructure which will take place this Saturday. We have spent the past two months feverishly coding, containerizing, debugging, and endlessly testing in preparation for this day and we are confident that both we and the site are ready.
    This is your heads-up notice.

    On Saturday, September 11th 2021 around 10:00 AM UTC (That is 1:00 PM server time), we will move our current DNS records. This will take up to one hour to propagate to everyone of you, so around 11:00 AM UTC we will shut down the site and begin the move.
    The move itself should take between one and two hours. Database conversion alone takes over 60 minutes and we want to be sure to have everything tested one last time before we open the site to the public again.
    Once the site is live again, you will have to re-login. There will be a thread where we collect issues that slipped through our own testing and we hope many of you will join our bug-hunting efforts to make the site run smoothly again on new infrastructure.

    To make the whole process less dull to follow from the outside, we will send a 10€ Bandcamp gift card to both the last person to post a shout in the shoutbox on the old site and the first person posting a shout on the new one. If both are the same user, the second gift card will move to the next one. Staff and elite are excluded of course
    (Naturally we know this process can be cheated with some technical expertise and we ask you to play it fair and just see it as a friendly competition in a game of chance. If we have reason to believe you were cheating, we reserve to skip you in the process)

    This is very exciting for us. We have been working toward this point for several years now and the support we received from you in response to our previous announcement was nothing short of amazing. We are blessed with an incredible community that has grown for over 20 years and this move will be the first step toward another 20.

    Your Metal Storm staff, elite, and contributors.

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