MISERY INDEX – "Traitors" (Official Music Video)

    MISERY INDEX – “Traitors” official music video from the album ‘Traitors’

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    Available now on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse Records

    Producer: David Brodsky for MyGoodEye NYC

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    We revel in our treason, our catalyst for change
    We don’t wait for answers,
    We laugh, seize, and live our days
    Embracing our sedition,
    Crawling off our knees
    As John Brown -patriots,
    Who force the world we want to see

    Who you’d call a traitor,
    Is the son of libertad
    La unica esperanza
    With no master and no god
    “Freedom-haters”, agitators?
    What would they call Thomas Paine?
    Founding fathers
    Praised as martyrs
    Or terrorists by another name?

    What you call the Nation-State
    Is fiction in itself
    Agreed upon illusion
    Enforced by violence – ruled by wealth
    This land is fucking your land,
    And not through them defined
    By fucking flags on SUVs
    Or Superbowl half-times

    source Relapse Records

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