Monegros Acid Resort – Osbourne Rehab Mental Sanatorium

    Full Album


    01 The Inner Hole 0:00
    02 Hellucination 12:39
    03 Abstinence 19:04
    04 Therapy: Retro-Hipnosis 30:17
    05 The Power Of Will 36:41
    06 Know Your Monsters 45:14
    07 Broken Mirror Reflection 59:37
    08 Therapy: The Sacred Monolithium 01:01:11
    09 Electroshock Party 01:03:33
    10 Escotado’s Message 01:10:21
    11 Therapy: Sensory Depravation Tank 01:12:43
    12 Your Purple Eyes 01:13:20
    13 Midnight Express 01:27:26
    14 Therapy: Methanoise 100mg 01:38:14
    15 Straitjacket 01:43:13
    16 Therapy: Lobotomy Drills 01:58:24
    17 The Slow Way Of Depression 02:27:04
    18 Escape To The Desert 02:32:37

    Osbourne Rehab Mental Sanatorium
    “Osbourne Rehab Mental Sanatorium” is the fourth album of “Monegros Acid Resort”.
    After three albums of hallucinogenic experiences, your body and mind are broken. You need help, professional help. The only place in the world where they can heal you is here. May the doom be with you.
    This fourth album by “Monegros Acid Resort” experiments more inside the sounds of stoner doom, trying to get with the music the sensation of being crushed by an avalanche of rocks. Almost three hours of violent noise straight to your brain and your heart. Don’t forget to play it fucking loud!!!
    Osbourne Rehab Mental Sanatorium” is for free download. Anyway, any donation will be appreciated (as many other artists, I have to thank you for every donation, they are very important to us).
    Peace, love, and doom for you all

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    released September 6, 2021


    some rights reserved

    electronic music experimental experimetal metal post-rock soundtrack desert rock doom experimental fuzz instrumental psychedelic psychedelic doom stoner Madrid

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