Mors Principium Est – Releasing Compilation Album This Spring

    The Finns Mors Principium Est are pleased to announce the release of their new compilation album, titled Liberate The Unborn Inhumanity, on April 6th (Japan) and on April 8th (rest of the world). This effort features songs from the first 3 albums and from the second demo. Everything completely re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered.


    01. Cleansing Rain
    02. Eternity’s Child
    03. The Unborn
    04. The Lust Called Knowledge
    05. Valley Of Sacrifice, Part 1
    06. Finality
    07. Two Steps Away
    08. Inhumanity
    09. Pure
    10. The Animal Within
    11. Life In Black
    12. Fragile Flesh
    13. Valley Of Sacrifice, Part 2

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