Mystic Braves – ‘Pacific Afterglow’ (2022)

    Mystic Braves – ‘Pacific Afterglow’ (2022)

    Based out of Los Angeles, CA, the band seems to have met challenges and undergone a few changes along the way during the past two years. Finding no reason to stay, they packed their bags and followed the sundown to Malibu for the recording of their new album.


    Trying to float away and keep up with the changing days, Mystic Braves landed on their feet and are now offering ten mesmerizing songs that are super catchy and will make you dance no matter what! Yet bearing their original sound and story-telling music flow, ‘Pacific Afterglow’ is the band’s immersive musical exploration, tinged with the warm sound of Californian psychedelia and mellow dreamy synth pop sunset colors. Adding disco dance influences to their work, they have expanded their musical boundaries and attracted more audiences in Europe, leading them to tour parts of the continent in 2022.

    It is quite evident through the album’s lyrical and musical themes that Mystic Braves are trying to put down the heavy load they’ve been carrying on their shoulders for a while and slow down a bit to look back at all the dark and light they’ve been passing through. While keeping all the good memories, they have their eyes on the long trail they see ahead. They are currently working on new music and planning to get back in their van to keep cruising lands.

    In the dark hazy night, the ‘Pacific Afterglow’ shines brighter than ever, calling Mystic Braves to follow the signals to the oceanside; somewhere “out of sight”, on an island, where they can bathe and smell freshly bloomed flowers brought by the mysterious summer breeze.

    Armin Enayat

    Mystic Braves – ‘Pacific Afterglow’ (self-released, 2022)

    Mystic Braves – ‘Days of Yesteryear’ (2015)


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