NIGHTWISH Vocalist FLOOR JANSEN’s New Fan Q&A Session Available – “My Thoughts On DIO And BLACK SABBATH…” (Video)

    Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen has uploaded another installment of her 1 Minute Fan Friday Q&A sessions to her YouTube channel, where she answers questions submitted by the fans. Check it out below.

    “People asked me whether I liked Black Sabbath and they might have not liked my answer, hence the follow up on whether I like Dio. I think the answer is easy, but find out and watch this week’s Fan Friday! Oh, and you get more taco questions, family, horse and much more talk! Enjoy!”

    Jansen revealed earlier this week that she recently had surgery to have her gallbladder removed. Her message follows:

    “I had a case of Murphys Law hitting me…. even though the picture might suggest its all peachy. Thats to keep a positive spirit, sun on my face, life is good! But challenging at times….

    “I was in the hospital last week. In Finland, where I went to rehearse with my dear brothers in Nightwish for our virtual shows next month. So incredibly great to see them after all that time (over a year!)

    “After the first rehearsal day I woke up to severe stomach pains and decided this was not normal. Once at the hospital I got what you call a gallstone attack. Turned out I had pains because of a huge amount of gallstones, and pancreatitis. I needed my gallbladder removed but because of the pancreatitis they couldnt do it at once. The day after they took a scarred gallbladder out, with 15 stones in it! Emppu calls me stone henge from now on 爸爸

    “It turned my trip into something quite different. But I am most grateful for the amazing care I received at the hospital in Joensuu! And for all the love and support from my band and friends and family! And grateful for my own body. For taking this so well, I made a promise to take extra good care of it!

    “Ill need to recover for a few more weeks but look forward to the virtual shows! And for spring, that is right at our doorstep.”

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